A first time for everything

I'm a bit hung over.

In my defense, you don't win at the ADCCs for the first time every day, and last night a couple of projects I worked on over the past year picked up merit awards. More on that later.

Congrats to Saatchi and Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Joshua Stein and Guilherme Bermeijo (did I count SEVEN golds?!) (EDIT: No I did not. 6 Golds, 5 silvers and 7 Merits! WOW! Here's the happy crew holding the hardware). I'm spending the day going through the book, and I'm sure I'll see a few more familiar names as I roll through it. All of my respect and admiration go to the winners, there was some seriously great work up on the screen last night.

I'd like to thank Sean Davison and Mike Halminen and the fine folks at MacLAREN McCANN for bringing me in on their branding of Skeletta. What a sweet, sexy brand. I was so pleased to help them along with the photography.

Natee Likitsuwankool came to me with a really smart, simple campaign for Ford that rings so true if you've ever had to build and maintain a small business on your own. You handle every aspect of the operation of the business. The buck stops here.

Thanks to Natee and Y&R for such a smart campaign and for the call to bring it all together.

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