Down by the River

Toronto is a city of rivers. It may not seem that way when in the concrete-dominated areas downtown, but there nine waterways that wend their way through the city. Some of them have been long buried, and some have been repurposed many times over the years.

I recently went to two of them to see how they are used today. The Don River is enormous, but the Don Valley Parkway is always present - either visually, or because the sound of the highway is inescapable. 

On the northwest of the city, Etobicoke Creek is dominated by Pearson International Airport. Lying immediately west of Runway 05/23, jets fly just a few hundred feet overhead. 

I ran the image of the jet through the Google Deepdream algorithm just to see what would happen, and I think the results are pretty neat. Google sees a thing that can fly, and visualizes a bird. Rad.

Aric GuitéComment