Fighting Frime

Fry theft. It affects us all - Fry Crimes (Frimes!) are a societal problem that according to McDonalds' research affects approximately 100% of all Canadians. They've decided to tackle it head on with an awareness campaign and a mobile phone app that includes the world's first fry security system, the Fry Defender.

The good folks at Tribal asked me to profile three of the most common perps. As both a victim and sometime thief I agreed without hesitation to do what I could to help fight this scourge on our society.

McDonalds also sent along a couple of ideas for fry defence - they have huge variety of sauces available, and dousing your fries in ketchup could allow you to easily identify your adversary.

What a fun campaign, and I'm so happy to have worked on it!

Client: McDonalds Canada
Agency: Tribal Toronto
Art Director: James Leake
Producer: Peter Dell'Agnese
Food Styling: Marilyn Dunphy
Assistants: Gabe Nivera, Robin Cymbaly