Greetings from Kitimat

This is the last post in a four-part series. Here's a link to the first one: Greetings from Canada

End of the Road

The end of the line.

After more than 5,000 km and millions of murdered insects later, we arrived in Kitimat, BC. This was a brand new Jeep when we left Southern Ontario.

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Kitimat is a beautiful little mountain town, built in the 1950s by Aluminum Company of Canada as one of Canada's first Garden Cities.

Kitimat is undergoing massive (and controversial) change right now. There is a huge construction boom, with the Alcan refinery undergoing a major overhaul and expansion, the installation of an LNG port and liquefaction facility and at least five more pipeline projects, including the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. You may have heard of it.


These projects mean thousands of jobs in the short term and people from all over the country are flocking to Kitimat to take advantage. My sister is one of them. Economic opportunity is hard to pass up. I can't fault anyone for following economic opportunity where it takes them, but I would hope that our governments and regulatory bodies are looking out for us and our environment.

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Some notes:

  • Here is a link to the route we took. More than 5,000 km in 5 days.
  • There is a great little restaurant in Wawa, Ontario, Kinniwabi Lakes Fine Dining. I highly recommend the curry.
  • The north shore of Lake Superior was a massive surprise to me. Gorgeous!  The highway is narrow and it was quite foggy the day we drove through, so it was too dangerous to stop to shoot. I plan to make a return trip soon.
  • Saskatchewan has a shore bird sanctuary. Being in the middle of the continent, and 1,200 km removed from actual shoreline, this surprised me.
  • And, in case you were wondering, the dog did not vomit in the car. Thank you Gravol!