Polysporin Cold Sore Patch

We've all had that feeling. You wake up one morning and a big ugly cold sore has plopped its dirty little head on your lip, and you'd really rather just sit at home and wait for it to go away. You can't though, because life goes on. You've got a birthday party to go to, and you've got to get out there. So you try to hide the sore, but it really makes it stand out even more than before.

What do you do?

Fortunately the wonderful people at Johnson & Johnson have come up with a solution. Enter Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patches.

I had the pleasure of working with Amy O'Neill and Ben Playford at Tribal Toronto on what ended up being two campaigns.

Here's the first:

And the second: a reminder of how scary it is to go out with that honkin' red sore on your face. You'd best get some healing patches, son!

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