Sash and Bustle

About a year ago, the Dineen sisters acquired a sweet little bridal boutique on Carlaw Ave north of Queen St East. While I must admit I don’t have much experience in bridal shops (I did get married recently, but menswear is more my speed!), I was instantly impressed by the style and focus of Sash and Bustle’s collection.

It’s a small shop, and that makes for an intimate experience - brides have the whole shop to themselves during their appointment. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a couple of happy staff catering to your needs while you’re there!

Andrea and Vanessa are extraordinarily friendly people and did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and had what I needed on the shoot day, and I’m just some bearded dude with a camera. I’m sure they’d be at the next level if I was a bride-to-be!

Big thanks to the folks at B3K Digital for their help with the equipment on the day!! 

Aric GuitéComment