Sasha Gollish

She runs faster than you do. She's more fit than you are, and she's probably smarter than you.


I recently spent a morning with Sasha Gollish, a middle-distance runner and a civil engineer with at least one graduate degree. Annoyingly, she's also an incredibly nice, engaging person as well. We're all over here trying to eat our eggs benny and sleep in, while she's being a top athlete and a successful professional. UGH.

Sasha was a pleasure to work with, and that made my job easy. I think I've mentioned it before, but it's always an inspiration to meet and speak with people that are on their way to great things. They have such perspective on the world, and how to move through it. Sasha just does it a bit faster than the rest of us.

I'd like to thank Paul Swanson for his time and assistance, as well as the good company while we waited for the shoot to start. Thanks Paul!