Swim. Bike. Run.

Leanna - Swim

This is Leanna Lee, a triathlete on the road to qualifying for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.

My amazing Ironwoman friend Phaedra Kennedy introduced me to Leanna; I was looking for an athlete to shoot and she was looking for new promo shots. Perfect combination.

Leanna - Bike

While I pride myself on my ability to focus and get the job done, Leanna's dedication to a sport that is three grueling pain-fests in a row inspires me to no end. I asked her what motivated her to pursue such a career;

I fell in love with the sport of triathlon, because each of the disciplines alone are challenging enough to try and master, but when you put all three of them together and have to perform them consecutively, it becomes a completely different and unique challenge unto itself. I love a challenge, and the satisfaction of pushing myself to my limits, so triathlon and I are well suited to each other.

Leanna's passion and determination to conquer the challenges was a driving force for the concepts behind my photographs. I love photographing people at the height of ability. They're so focused on their goals, so single minded in their pursuits.

Pursuing a high level goal is all about pouring your heart and soul into your passion. You have to believe in yourself and the journey that you have chosen, and it takes unwavering perseverance and a relentless dedication and commitment. You don't hesitate to make sacrifices in the pursuit of your goal, because it is your number one priority and it takes precedence over almost everything else in your life, and you must accept that.

Leanna's words struck a chord with me. Maybe I should dip my toe in this triathlon thing...

Leanna - Run
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