The VandenBerg House

Freelancing, we're often told, is the way of the future. Businesses require the flexibility to assemble teams quickly when they need them, to only keep workers employed as long as the current project requires them to be around. Freelancers often work outside of the office, allowing for fewer office expenses.

But freelancers still have to work somewhere! Home can be full with distractions, cafés are often too loud, libraries too quiet, and in each of those places you won't find the benefits of having an office full of people who are there to work. Getting things done is what's most important - and it can be helpful to be surrounded by people who are trying to do the same thing.

Enter co-working spaces. There's space at a desk, the coffee machine is up and running and the wi-fi is fast. At the Vandenberg House on Queen East near Greenwood and run by Christiane Tetreault, you get another benefit - the surroundings are beautiful and comfortable.

I photographed Christiane at the House on a quiet day when the sun was streaming in through the beautiful bay window that faces Queen.

As another bonus: it is a proven fact that dogs in the workplace improve productivity, but who wants to deal with all of the care and feeding? That's where the VandenBerg House's resident ball of fluff Tumbleweed can help. You get the benefits of having a furry critter around, with none of the responsibility!

Aric GuitéComment