Tigercat Industries is a quiet giant west of Toronto, a manufacturer of industrial forestry machinery. From skidders and harvesters to bunchers and felling heads, they satisfy all of your off-road extreme-duty tree-felling needs. They think up ways to cut down trees faster and cheaper, and they're pretty good at it.

This is a 635D skidder, a machine designed to drag fallen logs to a central area, where it can be loaded onto a forwarder. I can tell you it is enormous - a ladder is handy to get a good look at the engine. This one was on it's way to Scotland after I was through with it.

Charlie (pictured below) helped make that 635D, welding it's frame together. That's part of another skidder behind him - it takes a full morning to complete his work on that part before it goes on to the next station. Below him is Sara - she cleans up Charlie's work before it heads to the paint booth.


In all, Tigercat has eight locations in Ontario, employing over 1000 workers, welders, and engineers that supply forestry equipment all over the globe.

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